Looking for beauty behind the lens of the camera has transformed the way in which I view the world around me. 


Photo by Joee Vee Photography

Photo by Joee Vee Photography


Everyone's perspective is different. We all look at the world around us through different lenses. I found magic in the ability to share the way I see and experience the world around me behind the lens of the camera. By capturing once in a lifetime moments of beauty, emotion, and light, these memories can be experienced again and again for years to come. 

I found my purpose and meaning as a photographer in the connections I make with the subjects I am photographing. Whether it be a leaf, an insect, architecture or a human being, there is story behind the photo. I hope to capture a snapshot of that story in every photo I take. My intention is to evoke an emotion within the viewer that resonates and connects them to their own personal story.

In addition to photographing subjects for hire and to produce the prints I sell,  I have also embarked on a photojournalism project. Over the last year I have collected over 1200 interviews and portraits of strangers I met where ever I happened to be. Since donating those to "The Look for the Good Project" in November of 2014, I have begun my own photojournalism project, "Hearts of Strangers" and published my first book "Every Heart Has A Story To Tell" which is a collection of interviews and portraits I've collected. In the process of these adventures, I have found meaning and purpose in connecting with human beings, hearing their stories and sharing their portraits and stories with a global audience.

My hope is to help us all reconnect with each other and the world around us in a more meaningful way. I believe that I can do this with two tools... my heart and my lens.  Are you ready to see the world through my lens?